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About This Class

Exploring the nature of the Bible, its origins, and how it came to be​

Course ​Description

This class is designed for beginner Bible students that are seeking to better understand, interpret, and apply the Bible while avoiding common mistakes. The Bible is a robust collection of ancient books that hold great wisdom and life giving knowledge for us as we seek God.

​What you will learn

✓  Students will learn basic facts about the Bible

✓  Students will explore the philosophy of divine communication and revelation

✓  Students will learn about translation theory, textual criticism, and how to pick a good Bible translation

✓  Students will learn about the canonization process and governing principles of canonicity, such as who decided which books were picked to be in the Bible and how we got the Bible in the form we have it

✓  Students will have bibliographies for further study on the subject

​Course requirement

  • A recent translation of the Bible

  • A curious mind and willingness to learn