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  • 1 Timothy 3

    This installment in a series in 1 Timothy of chapter 3. We go over Paul's instructions to Timothy regarding leaders in the church, and how we should apply these to the modern church today.

  • Dual Citizens: 1 Peter 4 - Sin & Godly Suffering

    Jon discusses what it means to be citizens of God's kingdom here on earth and how what we believe should affect how we live our everyday life.

  • Dual Citizens: 1 Peter 3

    Jon discusses three outcomes of the resurrection of Jesus and the dual citizenry that ensues. Subversive equality, radical submission, and unjust suffering ... the resurrection of Christ may not be what you think.

  • Dual Citizens: 1 Peter - Introduction

    Beginning a new series called "Dual Citizens" going through 1 Peter, Jon introduces the book with its background, context, and major themes to expose the concepts of Christians being dual citizens on earth and in heaven.

  • Spiritual Disciplines: Solitude

    Here we explore the spiritual discipline of solitude.

  • Marty Solomon Interview: Asking Better Questions of the Bible

    Jon discusses Marty Solomon's new book, "Asking Better Questions of the Bible: a Guide for the Wounded, Wary, & Longing for More" along with a host of other questions surrounding the mystical Jesus, healthy deconstruction of dogma, and whether it gets run over by karma. Find the book, Bema podcast, and all things Marty at: #interviews

  • Spiritual Disciplines: Meditation

    Jon discusses the spiritual discipline of Christian meditation and how it differs from other forms and practices of meditation. #sermons #meditation

  • Spiritual Disciplines: Simplicity

    Continuing in our spiritual disciplines series, here we discuss simplicity and living under God's reign in regards to our possessions and wealth. #sermons #simplicity

  • Spiritual Disciplines: Fasting

    Continuing in our spiritual disciplines series as we discuss fasting and Jesus' new teachings on fasting. #sermons #fasting

  • Spiritual Disciplines: Prayer

    Here we kick off our 2023 series on classic Spiritual Disciplines, beginning with prayer. I discuss three facets of prayer: that we need to learn to pray, that prayer and righteousness must go hand in hand, and that we must persevere and never give up in our prayer life.

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