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About This Course

Discover how to read the Bible well and be transformed by these ancient texts


This course is designed for beginner Bible students that are seeking to better understand, interpret, and apply the Bible while avoiding common mistakes. The Bible is a robust collection of ancient books that hold great wisdom and life giving knowledge for us as we seek God.

​What you will learn

✓  Class 1. What is the Bible

  • Students will learn basic facts about the Bible, explore the philosophy of divine communication and revelation, translation theory, textual criticism, and how to pick a good Bible translation, as well as the canonization process and governing principles.

✓  Class 2. The Story of the Bible​​​​

  • Students will learn​ the meta-narrative of the Bible and how understanding the Bible as a unified story that leads to Jesus is vitally important.

✓  Class 3. The Context of the Bible

  • Students will learn what the Bible meant, in order to learn what it means. We will learn how to interpret the Bible in light of its context as well as how to make practical applications of passages.​

✓  Class 4. How to Read Literarily

  • Students will ​learn the literary genres of the Bible and how to read them appropriately to help with our interpretation and application of the Scriptures.

At a Glance:


Jon Sherwood  |  The Bible Project


To help provide students with a the tools necessary to be able to read the Bible well, experience a greater depth of beauty and transformation through the Scriptures, as well as be better equipped to help others seek God through his word.

​Skill Level:


​The Numbers:

Total Classes: 4

Total Time: 150 mins

Total Videos: 35


how to read the bible

a video course exploring the Bible and how to read it well

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How To Read The Bible: Course Intro

How To Read The Bible: Course Intro

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Course Intro