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Spreading an ancient faith in a digital world. aims to make as many digital Christian resources as possible free to the public. Although the desire is to make these as free as possible, as the gospel teaches us there are often costs to the giver in order to be able to give freely.  Whatever your donation; large or small, regular or irregular, I greatly appreciate your support!

Image by Aaron Burden

technology costs

With the web now nearly ubiquitous, sometimes it's easy to forget that the things that go on around the Internet do not happen for free.  Although every attempt is made to keep costs to a minimum, just as having internet access at your home is not free, also incurs expenses in order to offer resources to as many as possible, as freely as possible.

donations matter

Whether the gift is big or small, regular or irregular, all donations help a great deal toward the mission of, to help fuel people's faith and get a two thousand year old message of hope, freedom, peace, purpose, and salvation out to the world.

prayers matter

I appreciate and desperately need your prayers.  God provides not only the financial fuel for this ministry, but it could not run without the spiritual fuel of your prayers! Please join us in earnest and expectant prayer that this ministry will help spread the gospel and that lives will be changed to the glory of God!

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