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Radical Lesbian to Redeemed Christian

After listening to an interview with Rosaria Champagne Butterfield, I was stirred. (Listen to interview here) I was stirred not just because of the content of her story in the interview, which is quite powerful, but of something in particular she said toward the end of the interview having to do with evangelical Christendom sinning against the LGBT community through its often bigoted and demeaning vernacular as they 'outreach'. Not only does this strike a chord for me personally, but I find that too many in the Christian faith still use such demeaning speech, sarcasm, and behavior ... sometimes a simple result of ignorance and being unaware of the damaging effects of their attitudes and actions, and sometimes a product of genuine bigotry, hatred, and self-righteousness. The bottom line is you never know what is going on in someone's heart unless they reveal it to you, and you never know who around you is homosexual or has a gay friend or loved one. Having grown up in an environment that demeans and ostracizes homosexuals, I think its time the Christian community step up and be the first to extend grace, compassion, and a willingness to engage spiritually and otherwise that which has been hated and marginalized for so long. For Christ himself was criticized for his involvement with the 'sinners'. (Mat 9:11)

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