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Fit Bodies, Shallow Souls?

With our culture's love and infatuation for athletics, sports, and beauty, it's no wonder that we tend to have fit bodies, but shallow souls. I certainly don't cast the first stone (or any stone), but we put so much stock in charm and beauty yet the Bible teaches us that it is deceptive and fleeting (Prov 31:30). So why do we do this? Even in the church we tend to value the things that we know inherently will not last, like beauty. I assert that our culture influences us more than we realize. 1. Media Consumption How does the culture influence you through media? Have you considered how much media consumption you have in an average day (the national average is around 13hrs/day)? What are some of the primary messages and teachings that influence you through media? How are these contrary to the word of God? Are you willing to consume less media in order to make your spiritual life healthier? (media consumption, and gaming especially, possess addictive qualities that must be treated with great caution) 2. Beauty In The Media What is the archetype of beauty consistently portrayed in the media? How does this shape and influence your perception of yourself, as well as what you find physically attractive? How does this model compare to other time periods, cultures, and societies models of beauty? What do you think causes these shifts of social norms in what is considered beautiful and attractive? How will you let the word of God reshape your thinking (Rom 12:2) about what you find attractive and beautiful? (cf. 1 Pet 3:3-4) This is a battle that must be fought, and fought consistently, as it is ever at our doorsteps, or should I say fingertips. Pray for me, as I pray for you, that we may together resist the influence of the world, in our own lives as individuals as well as the corporate body of Christ, and become renewed to have not only fit bodies, but fit souls as well (1 Tim 4:8).


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