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99 Problems, But The Fear of Death Ain't One

I can appreciate Jay-Z's lyrics ... at least partially. I can relate to him, I do have "99 problems", of an assorted variety ... but all of them of temporal (2 Cr 4:17), but I'm grateful for the call to mind of what problem I don't have. The one problem I don't have, is a fear of death (Heb 2:14-15). In my view, this is actually the most important problem to resolved in human existence, but I guess we are all welcome to continue trifling with small problems.

I often find even in the Christian community that believers still live with a real fear of death. This should not be the case. The apostle Paul tells us that to die and be with the Lord is actually better than life (Phil 1:21), but my experience for the past decade as a minister has taught me that this is not most Christian's actual belief system or experience. Their actual belief system looks more like the American Dream, where to die would be terrible because of their loss of their "good American life" with their microwave ovens, 3 cars, flat screen television, and endless entertainment options. It hurts me to even write this.



Of course their are many things here to enjoy in this life, and given by God to be enjoyed (!) (Jn 10:10; Jam 1:7), but we cannot let these good things (that are ultimately temporary) encapsulate our hearts to the point that we are not really wanting to depart with them in death.

Of course we can only speculate what we would ever do or feel in a situation until we are ultimately in that situation, but I want to challenge you Christian:

  • Take some time to meditate and think about death. What do you feel? Is there fear, or is there an assurance, even an eagerness to have what is greater?

  • If you feel a sense of fear or hesitation about death (this is not to be confused with the genuine and right love and affection you feel for people - not things), pray that God will increase your faith to the point that the fear of death departs from you (1 Jn 4:18).


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