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  • Kingdom of God - A Kingdom of Joy

    A visual bible study of Col 1:9-14 where Jon breaks down various ways to study the Bible together in community while looking at the topic of joy. #kingdomofGod #joy #biblestudy

  • Kingdom of God: Aliens & Strangers

    Should Christians vote? Jon discusses the intersection of the kingdom of God and politics. What does it look like to be aliens and strangers in the world, yet still be in the world? #kingdomofGod #voting #politics

  • Jesus & nonviolence: an interview with Dean Taylor

    What if Jesus meant every word he said? Dean Taylor is president of Sattler College in Boston and author of A Change of Allegiance, a book that chronicles his journey of faith to wrestle with the question, "what if Jesus meant every word he said?" While a soldier in the United States Army, Dean wrestled with the idea of Christian nationalism as he and his wife sat in the bunks reading their Bible every night. They simply couldn't get past Jesus' abundantly clear teaching to love your enemy. What if Jesus really meant every word he said ... Referenced Just War Debate: "It's Just War" : #interviews #nonviolence

  • The Kingdom of God: at War part 2

    Here we continue the conversation about how our lives in the kingdom of God reflect a war in three specific areas: Biblical Illiteracy, Christian Nationalism, and Pride. #sermons #kingdomofGod #kingdom #kingdomofheaven

  • The Kingdom of God: a kingdom of grace

    Continuing the Kingdom of God series, here we take a look at God's kingdom as a kingdom of grace and mercy, but we also must see to it that no one falls short of that grace. Romans 8:31-39; James 1:17; Hebrews 12:14-15. #kingdomofGod #kingdom #kingdomofheaven

  • The Kingdom of God: Subversive Confrontation - Jesus's Third Way

    Continuing the Kingdom of God series, here we take a look at the passion week of Christ in the gospel of John to show how Jesus confronted the kingdoms of the world and undermined and subverted their power by overcoming death itself, not by force or war, but through peaceful, non-retaliatory self-sacrificing love. #kingdomofGod #kingdom #kingdomofheaven #nonviolence

  • The Kingdom of God - An Unexpected King

    On Palm Sunday, in this sermon we take a look at the arrival of an unexpected king riding into Jerusalem on a donkey, and what that has to do with our lives today. Matthew 21:1-11 #kingdomofGod #kingdom #kingdomofheaven

  • The Kingdom of God - a Kingdom of Peace

    Here we look at Mat 5:21-48, the "6 antitheses" of Jesus' sermon on the mount. In particular we discuss the upside down nature of God's kingdom of peace and non-violence. #kingdomofGod #kingdom #kingdomofheaven #peace #nonviolence

  • The Kingdom of God - Reconciliation

    The Kingdom of God is characterized by reconciliation. Here we take a look at God's heart of reconciliation, justice, and mercy. We look at how Jesus perfectly showed these things in his ministry and how only in Christ can racial reconciliation truly be achieved, for only in Jesus can the two become one new humanity (Eph 2:11-18). #kingdomofGod #kingdom #kingdomofheaven

  • Gender & Sexuality in the 21st Century: an interview with Ellen Radcliff

    Here I interview Ellen Radcliff, a licensed marriage and family therapist who used to live as a lesbian, and now lives her life radically for Jesus. And no, she didn't pray the gay away. Ellen serves as COO (deputy director) of Strength In Weakness ministries and helps Christians with unwanted same sex attractions and gender identity issues find their hope, joy, fulfillment, and identity in Jesus. In this interview we discuss topics of homosexuality, transgender, and other sexual identity issues. This interview will help young people that are saturated in a culture that encourages, even demands, a gender and sexual identity that is far from the creator's intent. It will also help parents and grandparents be better able to discuss topics of faith, gender and sexuality in ways that are helpful and promotes dialogue. Strength In Weakness Ministries: Ellen's Site: Ellen + Guy's Book:

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