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About This Class

Learning to read the Bible literally by learning how to read literarily

​Course Description

This course is designed for beginner Bible students that are seeking to better understand, interpret, and apply the Bible while avoiding common mistakes. The Bible is a robust collection of ancient books that hold great wisdom and life giving knowledge for us as we seek God.

​What you will learn

✓  Students will explore the need to understand the literary design, type, and genre of Scripture

✓  Students will learn about the major literary types found in Scripture

✓  Students will learn practical tips on how to read the bible literarily and understand the Scriptures as the author intended

✓  Students will have bibliographies for further study on the subject

​Course requirement

  • A recent translation of the Bible

  • A curious mind and willingness to learn


At a Glance:

Jon Sherwood  +  The Bible Project


To provide students with practical understanding of the contexts of the Bible and how they shape our interpretation of the Scriptures. 

​Skill Level:



Videos: 10

Time: 34 mins

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how to read literarily

learning to read the Bible literally by learning how to read literarily 

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