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We Are All Special, Right?

We are all superstars. Right? We are all going to be millionaires. Right? We are all going to be famous. Right? What if we are not, it's no one's fault but our own. Right? We didn't work hard enough. Didn't want it bad enough. Didn't push down our neighbor far enough in order to rise above them. This is the American Fable passed down to us millennial’s, is it not? The problem? It's all a lie. Obviously we are all special in one sense; in the sense that it is likely each of our mother's think we are special. There are nearly 7 billion other human beings currently on the planet walking around, scurrying about, and being famous. 7 Billion famous people. And of course this taints our view of God's love for us. No doubt that each of is special and unique in the sight of God, at least special enough apparently for Him to give up His Son as a sacrifice available to each one of us without discrimination (c.f. Col 3:11). But how does this American Fable (breaks into song: "tale as old as time" ♫♪) affect our understanding of the gospel? Well, I would argue that it makes us think to highly of ourselves, as though God owes us something. I would argue that it causes us to think overly individualistically, not appreciating, valuing, or committing to Christ's body as He desires and calls us to. I would argue that it gives us false expectations and leaves us unnecessarily disappointed in view of life's sufferings and seemingly unjust twists and turns. I would argue that it makes us generally soft and saddened, all the while Christ bled and died for us to have life that is restful, not burdened, that is light (Mat 11:28-30), and one that is full (Jn 10:10). So the next time you hear a message that says; "it's all about you" in some form or fashion ... reject it for what it is: Satan's ploys to prey on our sinful nature, that desire to set ourselves above God (Deu 4:35) and want it to really be all about us. It is not. It is all about Him (Col 1:17).


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