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Information ≠ Transformation

Today in the modern Western church (which has been exported around the world in many ways) the false premise is believed that if we just learned more, than we would experience transformation. This is a massive lie that Satan wants us to buy in to in order that we stay stuck.

The truth is that for many Christians transformation is rarely if ever experienced, as though the transformative power of the Holy Spirit is somehow lost (c.f. Gal 5:16). You can see this lie at work by the way we tend to think of church, bible study, and so on. For example, if the preacher has not given us some new way to understand something or view some topic or passage, or said something that isn't novel to us, than we think we have somehow been ill-served, somehow cheated from our spiritual growth. But let's be honest, one of the major motifs in the bible is God getting his people to remember and do what they already knew.

Information + Inspiration ≠ Transformation

So how do we battle against this false belief?

The first step is to recognize the truth: information and inspiration by themselves will never lead us to sustained transformation. Now don't get me wrong, information and inspiration certainly have their place, and can play a vital role in our spiritual formation, but true transformation can only come when we are obedient to the will of God and his word (c.f. Rom 6:16; etc.).



The scriptures teach us that we are to walk with the Holy Spirit in order to overcome our flesh, which of course is the way that transformation from our flesh occurs, through the power of the Holy Spirit and not our own efforts, for we are slaves to our sin without the Holy Spirit. Obviously it goes without stating that genuine obedience springs from an origin of genuine faith.

So the next time you find yourself reading your bible or listening to someone teach and preach, don't first ask yourself, "What new teaching can I learn?", but instead ask yourself, "How am I obeying what I already know?"


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