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Heaven's Got A Ghetto ... ?

Growing up in the 80's & 90's, bred on the origins of Hip-Hop and Gangsta Rap I was inundated with the message that there is a heaven, and it's got a ghetto. Meaning that there was going to be a place for those in heaven that didn't do right, and in fact even intentionally did wrong (killing, drugs, women, etc.) and that God somehow had an understanding with the wickedness of humanity, especially the plight of those in the ghetto, and that in effect, it would be the same in heaven. The idea was something that I believed, along with many around me as well. I mean it was being preached by some of the rap worlds greatest evangelist such as Tupac, Biggie, Snoop, Master P, and others. And lets face it, who wouldn't want to believe such a teaching. It essentially allows me to have the benefits of God, forgiveness, and heaven without having to change a thing about myself that I'm presently not in the mood for ... God will understand. I hope to make something ultra clear, there is a heaven, but there is no 'ghetto' there. For sure there will be pimps, prostitutes (Jn 8:2-11), thugs (Lk 19:8-10), and drug dealers in heaven, but they won't be there unchanged. They will be the ones who have been transformed (2 Cor 5:17), who have washed their robes clean by the blood of the lamb (Rev 22:14-15), who have repented (Lk 13:3-5) and have became the true preachers and evangelists on the earth with the message there is in fact a heaven, and that it is so wonderful, so beyond all compreshension, that it calls and empowers change in us in ways that are equally wonderful!


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