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The Spirit: Gifts

Let's do an original language word study of different gifts of the Spirit: 1 Cor 12:1-11

  • Wisdom: sophia

  • Knowledge: gnōsis

  • Gift of Faith: pistis (c.f. Rom 12:6)

  • Healing: iama

  • Powers/Miracles: dynamis

  • Prophecy: prophēteia

  • Distinguishing spirits: diakrisis

  • Tongues: glōssa

  • Interpretation of tongues: hermēneia

As He Wills! boulomai

Rom 12:4-8

  • Serving: diakonia

  • Teaching: didaskō

  • Encourage/Exhort: parakaleō

  • Giving: metadidōmi | Generously: haplotēs

  • Lead: proïstēmi | Diligence: spoudē

  • Mercy: eleeō | Cheerfully: hilarotēs

These are all gifts given by God and His Spirit to us as He chooses. Do not spurn what He has decided to give you or not give you, instead let us all seek Him to cultivate His gifts to us, for His glory and not our own.


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