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Jesus Lord of Aliens?

With the recent news reporting that signs of water being found on other planets in other solar systems etc., the question is raised, is there life elsewhere in the universe? With modern scientific discovery showing us more closely (we will likely never accurately understand) the true grandness of the universe (billions, even trillions of galaxies), it is hard to imagine that there could not be the proper mixtures of elements to support life somewhere in the universe. So what does this have to do with Jesus? Practically for you and me, nothing. But it can be neat to think about. Would Jesus still be the Lord of the possible aliens races and life forms out there? While the bible give no indication of any other life forms outside of earth, it certainly is specific about Jesus being Lord over ALL things and being involved in the creation of ALL things (Mat 28:18 - οὐρανός; Col 1:15 - κτίσις; Heb 1:2 - αἰών; etc.). So if there were any other life forms, aliens, parallel universes, or alternate realities, I am sure that Jesus Christ is still the only one through which it can be reconciled to THE creator (Acts 4:12 - οὐρανός).


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