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Giving Thanks: No Place To Lay My Head

It seems that Jesus' words that he would have no place to lay his head (Mat 8:20), feels real in our lives. And although we certainly have a place to lay our head (and all things considering a very nice place to lay our heads when viewed through a global perspecitve), the fact that it is 6th place that we have laid our heads in the less than 5 years we have been married, has caused a feeling of wandering, probably similar to that of what Jesus was meaning in Mat 8 ... being a wanderer, a forienger in a strange land (c.f. Heb 11:13-16). But inspite of this feeling, I remember that my Lord Jesus actually had no place to lay His head, and it is to this end that I am called to follow. It is also by remembering this that I am caused a great sense of gratitiude for all that I have been given, both spiriutally and physically. This also causes me to pray for greater sincerity and boldness when it comes to sharing these blessings (c.f. Col 4:3-4).


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