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A Tech Wise Life: Andy/Amy Crouch Interview

A faith fuel interview with Andy Crouch and Amy Crouch discussing their new book "My Tech Wise Life" and the intersection of faith and our wise use of technology. This is focused especially on teens and young adults as they grow up as digital natives looking to find meaning and importance in a digital environment that often causes greater angst, insecurity, and depression. This is a great book, and interview, for parents, millennials, and gen z.

In this interview we discuss things such as:

  • fear based parenting vs. flourishing based parenting

  • sabbath practices and beauty

  • why we work and our sense of pride, and how technology can powerfully feed it

  • personalized algorithms and false senses of significance

  • disorientation and reorientation around the use of tech

  • the beauty and pain of human relational suffering

Get a Copy of the book My Tech Wise Life here


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