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1 Timothy 3

Continuing in 1 Timothy: Day 1. Read! As usual, continue reading 1 Timothy in as many versions of the bible as you can. Day 2. Elders & Deacons defining these different roles: Elders (overseer) = episkopē ἐπισκοπή Deacons = diakonos διάκονος Day 3. Women: 1 Tim 3:11 This could possibly be referring to the wives of deacons, or potentially to female deacons. The role of women in ministry has been something long discussed and differently concluded by many Christians over many centuries. I do not believe this will easily be agreed upon. Day 4. Do I aspire a 'noble task'? If you desire to be an overseer some day (or desire leadership of any kind) in the church, do you have the character that Paul instructs Timothy to look for when appointing men (and women?) to these positions? Are you making it your aim to grow in these areas? Are you enlisting anyone's help in these endeavors? Day 5. Mystery of the gospel: 1 Tim 3:14-16 The 'mystery' that Paul refers to here is fighting against the heretical gnostic teachings that Timothy was dealing with in Ephesus. This mystery (which angels longed to look into - c.f. 1 Pet 1:12) is the same teaching that we must uphold in our lives and ministry today (for we are all ministers - c.f. 2 Cor 5:11-21). *Another helpful look at 1 Timothy 3


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