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1 Timothy 2

Day 1. Continue Reading! It's amazing how simple but profound and impactful this is. Just reading the bible (c.f. Isa 55:10-11) will accomplish God's purposes. Continuing reading 1 Timothy several times Day 2. Prayer & Politics: 1 Tim 2:1-4 For a longer look at Christians and politics look here. Sufficed to say, as Christians we should be devoting ourselves first and primarily in the arena of prayer (not devoid of action of course - c.f. Jam 2; 1 John 3:18), this includes authorities globally not just our own (c.f. Mat 5:44) Day 3. ONE Mediator: 1 Tim 2:5 After a conversation recently, I realized this is still such a need today, just as it was in times past: that Jesus is the only mediator and way to God (c.f. Jn 14:6, Heb 9:15, etc.), opposing the thought that we are all gods, that all roads lead to heaven/god, that all spiritual teachers/gurus are equally valid and relevant, etc.. Paul was addressing this issue here, and this is still one of the primary tenants of the Christian faith that makes it audacious, controversial, and well ... hard to swallow. But hard to swallow or not, we must swallow it, or not, we cannot decide to change the message to something we prefer, having our proverbial cake and eating it too. Day 4. 1 Tim 2:9-10 There is so much that can be said here living in the West, where sexuality is king. We are all so intoxicated, inundated, and bombarded by the world's message to be sexy, thin, fit and to find ultimate identity in these things, which is inevitably to find our identity in the approval of other people, created beings. A message for those of us in the church: our lifestyles are a major part of what separates us from the kingdom of the world (c.f. Eph 2:2) and calls others to follow the kingdom of God (c.f. Mat 5:48; 1 Pet 3:1-6), so PLEASE check yourself (with others Godly input) about not only what you are wearing to church (PLEASE), but also what you are wearing in general (this principle also applies to men; especially as our culture is shifting much more to a male attractive mentality). Day 5. 1 Tim 2:11-15 Is Paul a chauvinist like many critics of the bible claim? A strange passage on the surface to us as modern readers influenced by the culture of equal rights, but to understand this properly we must have a better grasp of the context and culture of this writing (for a helpful article on this subject and passage look here). A careful look at the bible (both O.T. & N.T.) will show God's heart has always been "equality" for all peoples; gender, race, nationality, etc..


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