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About This Mini-Course

Learn about church history in an overview of the first 1500 years and why it matters to you today in your faith.

These were originally recorded as lessons in the Columbia Church of Christ in 2015.


This course is designed for beginner Bible students that are seeking to better understand the heritage and history of the Christian faith. From the time of the early church in the New Testament to the Protestant reformation, take a look at why understanding more about church history can not only deepen and enrich your faith, but also help you walk more faithfully with the Lord today.

​What you will learn

✓  Class 1. Persecution to Legalized (1st - 4th centuries)

  • Take a look at the beginnings of the church after the New Testament until the time of Roman Emperor Constantine.

✓  Class 2. The Medieval Church​​​​ (4th - 15th centuries)

  • Take a look at the development of the church after Constantine up to Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation.

At a Glance:


Jon Sherwood 


To help provide a brief overview of the first 1500 years of church history why it matters to your faith today.

​Skill Level:


​The Numbers:

Total Classes: 2

Total Time: 98 mins

Total Videos: 2


church history

a (mini) video course exploring the first 1500 years of church history

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