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Fueling Faith in the 21st Century

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An ancient faith in a modern world.

In the midst of various pervasive world-views and the challenge to truth from relativism, is dedicated to providing fresh and relevant digital resources to help ignite and fuel Christian faith in the 21st century.

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Thomas à Kempis

Blessed is he who ever keeps the moment of death ever before his eyes and prepares for it every day.

The Imitation of Christ

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Deconstruction is like Spiritual Puberty

In this interview with Marty Solomon of BEMA Discipleship and host of the BEMA podcast, we discuss what the problem is in our understanding of discipleship and how we get the gospel wrong. That deconstruction is awkward and difficult, much like spiritual puberty, but it is a normal part of our spiritual development and formation.


Marty Solomon

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Ignite and Fuel Faith in Jesus

Jon Sherwood is lead minister of Asheville Church in North Carolina and enjoys good coffee, the outdoors, and his family. He has published one book, A Light To My Path, and is a partner with He holds degrees from the University of Florida, the Athens Institute of Ministry, and is undergoing post-graduate work at Columbia International University.

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