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About This Series

Discover how to walk with the Spirit and live close to the Spirit's counsel


This Bible study series is designed to help disciples learn to appreciate, value, understand, and walk closely with the Spirit of God. The Spirit has been poured out as a guarantee of our eternal inheritance, let us search the word of God as we seek to have intimate fellowship with the Spirit.

​What you will learn

✓  Spirit's Nature

  • You will learn the inherent features of the Holy Spirit, exploring how the Spirit has worked and operated in the world throughout all of time, and in your own life.

✓  Spirit's Character

  • You will learn about the Spirit's distinctive qualities in order to recognize the Spirit, as well as how to learn from and walk with the Spirit in intimate relationship.


✓  Series Extras

  • Each study includes a memory scripture, meditation and prayer, action item, as well as group study questions.


Walk with the Spirit

a Bible study series of the Holy Spirit

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