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About This Course

Learn how to read Revelation well and apply some of Revelation's themes to the modern Western context.

These were originally recorded as sermons to the Asheville Church in 2020.


This course is designed for beginner Bible students that are seeking to better understand, interpret, and apply the book of Revelation while avoiding common mistakes. Revelation is dense and multi-layered ancient literature that is often misunderstood and misused.


The first three videos are designed to set a framework in which to read and interpret Revelation while the last three videos are designed to make thematic applications to our modern context from the book of Revelation.

​What you will learn

✓  Class 1. Re-Canonization of Revelation

  • Students will learn how we can avoid the extremes of "hyper-canonization" and "de-canonization" of Revelation, and instead learn how we can "re-canonize" it..

✓  Class 2. Apocalypse Literature​​​​

  • Students will learn​ about ancient apocalyptic literature and how understanding genre and literary type can help us better understand Revelation.

✓  Class 3. Interpretive Grid

  • Students will learn various interpretive approaches to Revelation and how to understand the benefits and draw backs of each as we seek to have a well rounded interpretive method of Revelation.​

✓  Class 4. Critique of Power

  • Students will ​look at Revelation's critique of power and empire while making application to the modern Western context.

✓  Class 5. Civil & Uncivil Worship

  • Students will ​look at the Revelation's critique of civil worship and religion while making applications to the modern Western context.

✓  Class 6. The Final Vision

  • Students will ​look at the final chapters of Revelation, and the entire biblical meta-narrative, while finding hope in John's final vision and Jesus' victory over all things.

At a Glance:


Jon Sherwood  |  The Bible Project


To help provide a brief framework in which to read and interpret Revelation while making some applications from a few themes of Revelation to our modern Western context.

​Skill Level:


​The Numbers:

Total Classes: 6

Total Time: 230 mins

Total Videos: 6


the apocalypse

a video course exploring the book of Revelation