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The Costly Stones of Team Leadership

In my Christian leadership context we are learning how to develop team leadership.  The scripture comes to mind where Paul talks about building with costly materials (c.f. 1 Cr 3:12) and how the quality of what you build with will be revealed by the trials of time.  Most of us are not used to trying to lead as a team, we have come from a past of single point leadership models, but now we are seeing the advantages of working together in a collaborative model.  But is much more difficult to build with costly stones.

Christian leadership is not to get people to follow the Pastoral leaders but to relate together as they follow Jesus #TheEquippingPastor

The secret to building great teams I am convinced is the basic quality of humility.  There are many other helpful attributes to leadership and even leadership teams, but the greatest, and most difficult, is humility.  We are taught as Christians that we must clothe ourselves with the humility of Christ (Col 3:12; 1 Pet 5:5) and that we should take on the attitude of a servant (Phil 2:3), never could this be more helpful than in leadership.  But it is quite difficult, as leaders tend to have strong convictions, opinions, ideas, and goals that can be challenging to meld together with other leaders convictions, opinions, ideas, and goals. I can see why it might have been easier for Paul and Barnabas to part ways in regards to their ideas on how (and whom) to carry out ministry (c.f. Acts 15) even if there was perhaps not a clear right or wrong in the situation.

As we venture forward together I know that God will lead and guide, and my prayer is that He will fill us all with grace and humility towards one another and that we can make allowances for one another as Jesus skillfully and at times mysteriously builds His church.


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