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Fit Souls, Flabby Bodies?

Last week we discussed our culture's (really our human condition) infatuation with physical appearance and beauty and how this can distract and even derail our spiritual lives. We also discussed the impact that media has on this process in our hearts. This week, I wanted to introduce the inverse that can happen. Interestingly, while our culture (human hearts really) is infatuated with body image and beauty, paradoxically this country is also one of the most obese in the world, fraught with health issues and disease (issues arising from sin in the human heart). As Christians we must be aware and beware of this, for gluttony I fear is something we too seldom talk about. We can tend to have an almost gnostic view of our bodies and spirituality, where if we are "doing well spiritually" (usually defined by us as some litany of items such as; consistent quiet times, evangelism, church attendance, and abstaining from some set of particular sins, i.e. sexual impurity, etc.) then we can ignore other areas of our lives (i.e. other sins we tend to not focus on, gluttony, greed, materialism, etc.) Day 1. What is shaping your convictions about your dietary habits and nutrition? Why are these your convictions? Is God's word primarily influencing this or something else (i.e. the media, culture, your own body image insecurities, etc.)? (cf. 1 Cor 3:16-17; Jam 4:4-5) Day 2. What are your convictions about exercise and activity? Living in a non-agrarian, sedentary society is fraught with dangers. We must be much more intentional about our activity and physical movement, God has given us one body to live in, one earthly tent (2 Cor 5:1), so he expect us to be good stewards of what He has given us (cf. 1 Pet 4:7-11). Day 3. Listen to a great lesson on this topic here Day 4. Identify your own Why (make sure your 'why' for nutrition and exercise is Godly {i.e. to serve him better and enjoy life as He designed it} and not worldly {i.e. vanity and pride}), What (your specific plan of action), How (a thought out decision about how your what will happen), When (figuring out your critical moments when your what and how can be thwarted) Day 5. Enlist some help from others in your life (the 'Who') on your journey to a healthier lifestyle


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