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Fight Against The New Drug

We are now finding out scientifically that there are many harmful effects to viewing pornography. Much like smoking cigarettes in the 60's was not only socially acceptable but also highly encouraged only to be found to destroy the human body, we are now finding out how porn addicts the brain very similar to other well known drugs, like nicotine and heroin. (check out my more detailed post about this: Porn: The New Tobacco)

If you are interested in finding out more about the scientific research that is showing how porn destroys the brain, relationships, and society at large, please feel free to download Harmful Effects of Pornography: 2016 Reference Guide.

You can also download this free resource guide in helping parents learn to talk to their children about the damaging effects of porn: The Guideline: Parents Guide to Addressing Pornography with Children. Of course the greatest way to help your children to not become addicted to porn (the average national age of viewing porn is now around 11 years old) is to not have a porn problem yourself (thus setting the example), talking openly and honestly about how porn (in all it's various forms) damages God's design of sexuality, and being proactive in educating yourself on how to protect your children from the onslaught of porn and ungodly sexuality that they are exposed to everyday (please see a review of the top 10 internet filtering softwares).

Pornography is undoubtedly one of the most pervasive and harmful temptations sweeping across our nation and our world in this generation, one that is ensnaring more of us than we would like to admit ... but we don't have to be silent any longer, we can get help, we can help others, and we can be victorious through Christ!


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