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American Beauty

We seem to be infatuated with beauty. Youth, vigor and physical beauty are the gods of our time. I consistently see the middle-upper class of society (especially caucasians) longing to be younger. Looking younger, acting younger, dressing younger ... 'forever 21'. When was the last time you saw an elderly successful entertainer or actor (besides those known for their handsomeness)? They are certainly increasingly rare. The wisdom of age and experience seems to be getting traded in for the zeal and beauty that is ever fleeting. But I will admit, we are getting better at slowing down beauty's fleeting nature. Women now in their mid 40's and even 50's look 20 years younger than ever before, in fact young teen girls can look like they are in their early 20's (and unfortunately are often allowed to). Men are not escaping the societal pressures of physical beauty any longer either. Now more than ever, men are held to fit a mold of athleticism, large muscles, ripped abs and low body fat compositions. What is all of this about? I think it could be because we are becoming more and more enamoured with the physical and losing site of the spiritual. I am guilty at times, a culprit as well. Jesus says in John 14 that he is going to prepare a place for us at his Father's house. I feel pretty confident this place will not be endowed with botox, collagen, makeup, fine clothes or any other prop we use to drown out our true selves. My prayer is that I may become more comfortable with who I am, and confidently pursue the things that will last. I must be willing to become counter cultural in order to do this. Beauty is fleeting. But (they) who please the Lord are to be praised. (Prov 31:30)


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